Focusart S.A. is a Luxembourg registered film production company. We focus on strong art house cinema with a close interest in dark drama, elevated horror and experimental art films. 

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Christian Neuman is a writer, director and producer. Through his production company Focusart, he specialises in producing award winning experimental films, art film and art house cinema.

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REG. B135403 - EU VAT: LU 2008 2200 100


2015: Short Film called “The End of Everything As You Knew It. A Guide.” HD 15 mins

2012: Fashion Film for Mercedes Benz LuxembourgFashion Film and promotional Film for the launch of the new Mercedes Benz A Class in Luxembourg. HD. 15 mins.

2012: Music Video called “Love Light”. U.K band XAR. Song “Love Light”. HD. 4 mins.

2011: Short Film called “Self Similarity” Fashion Film for Brand Belle Sauvage HD. 5 mins.

2010: Short Film called “ The Castle” Fashion Film for Brand Belle Sauvage HD. 5 mins.

2008: Documentary called “Les yeux dans les yeux”. Projet de sensibilisation de la Commission Européenne à Bamako (Mali) HD. 72 mins.

2008: Documentary called “Pari sur le Riz” Niger for SOS Faim Belgique & Luxembourg. HD 52 mins

2007: TV Show called “ART7” for Tv Channel TTV HDV 6 episodes of 50 mins.

2007: Music Video called “Uplift”. Luxembourg band called Hal Flavin HDV 4 mins

2007: Short Film called “No te conozco pero te amo” Short fiction film. HDV 15 mins. 

2007: Short Film called “The suizide of Suzy Gonzales” Short fiction film. HDV 8mins. 

2006: Music Video called “Moussevingt”. Luxembourg band called Hal Flavin HDV 4 mins 

2005: Feature Film called SHE.HE.IT DV CAM 70 mins 

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